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We’ve got the tools, the know-how and the talent to do the things you
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Specializing in Hard to Find Plumbing & Electrical hardware.

When it comes to maintaining the historical beauty of our area, we want to be your go-to retailer. We know the neighborhood and we have purposely researched the products and services most used by vintage homeowners.

  • Material Cutting
  • Key Making
  • Hose Repair
  • Special Projects
  • Windows & Screen Repair
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    Material Cutting

    Don’t have the right saw at home or a roomy workshop? Bring in your metal or plastic pipe, piece of wood, hose or other material and our shop service department will cut it to length — and we also thread pipe.

  • precision

    Key Making

    The Denver True Value shop department offers key making services. We stock a wide variety of key makes, key chains and holders, including some unusual and unique key products like our key holder that looks like a rock.

  • We’ll repair your old hoses to like new condition!

    Hose Repair

    Who else repairs hoses besides Denver True Value? Good quality water hoses will last for years, but their brass male and female connectors do not. No need to buy a new hose however. Just bring in the hose and we’ll replace the old connectors with new ones. Good to go!

  • Personalized service


    We love a challenge and being experienced jacks-of-all-trades, we invite you to bring in your repair project and we’ll let you know if it’s fixable and how much it will cost. Typical services include lamp repairs, mirror installation and appliance repairs.

  • Just Like New

    Windows And
    Screen Repair

    Many older homes in the Park Hill, City Park and Congress Park neighborhoods use window screens in the summer to circulate air and storm windows in the winter to keep out the cold. Denver True Value offers complete shop services for window and screen construction and repair.

complete shop services for window & screen repair.

Did you know?…

For attic fans and swamp coolers to work correctly, windows need to be open in the summer

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knowledgable staff!

They have friendly, helpful, & knowledgable staff.

Everything from lawn and garden to household necessities to car care and tools. Pretty much any household project need can be filled with one stop at this store.