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The great outdoors really is great in Denver and we’re here to
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Whatever the size, the style or the use, you’ll find answers and
products to match your needs.

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”

– Audrey Hepburn

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    Organic Gardening

    • Organic Seeds
    • Soils & Compost
    • Supplements
    • Garden Supplies

    everything you’ll need

    We stock seeds, potting soil, fertilizers and supplements to make your peppers, tomatoes, and other vegetables grow fast and produce maximum quantity. Whether you’re planting in pots, a raised bed or along the back fence, organic gardening is safer and healthier for you and the environment.

  • Your One-Stop-Shop For…

    Garden Tools

    • spreaders
    • pruning shears
    • edgers
    • snow shovels

    the right tool for job

    There’s nothing worse than trying to dig a large hole with a garden spade. But don’t despair, Denver True Value carries a wide variety of high quality garden and yard tools for City Park, Congress Park, and Park Hill gardeners. And before the next snow storm, homeowners should come by and pick up snow shovels, ice melt, salt and ice melt spreaders.

  • Your One-Stop-Shop For…

    Irrigation And Sprinkler Systems

    • sprinklers
    • connectors
    • plastic pipe
    • value solenoids

    maintenance is key

    Sprinkler systems have become common in Denver due to our very dry weather. We set them to come on in spring and blow them out in fall. To assist you in maintaining your system all year long, Denver True Value stocks sprinkler connectors, value solenoids, plastic pipe, drip systems and accessories. We also carry sprinkler head flags.

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Everything from lawn and garden to household necessities to car care and tools. Pretty much any household project need can be filled with one stop at this store.