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Do-it-yourselfers unite at Denver True Value. Homeowners in the Congress Park, City Park, Park Hill Stapleton use Denver True Value for hardware, electrical, plumbing, and heating supplies. Why drive all over town when Denver True Value is blocks away.

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Our Services

Fuse Panels

Many older homes in Denver have fuse panels. Fuses and circuit breakers work on the same principal. If an electrical surge passes through the fuse or circuit breaker, the fuse burns out or the breaker trips. You will need to replace your cartridge or type T (glass) fuse to turn your lights or appliances back on. Denver True Value Hardware stocks the right fuse with the correct amperage rating.

Paint Stripping

Many older homes have painted over wood molding, stairways and built-in cabinetry. Come to Denver True Value for paint strippers, scrapers and sandpaper.

Home Cleaners

If you like your house spotless, Denver True Value stocks a wide selection of floor, appliance and surface cleaners and disinfectants. We stock Spic and Span plus other stainless steel, wood, brass, linoleum, or tile cleaners plus the brushes and scrubbers needed to do the cleaning task.