Sprinkler Systems

Kentucky Bluegrass With A Little Care Forgives Denver’s Clay Soil And Hot Summers

Sprinkler systems have become common in Denver. The rite of the spring and fall for some Denver homeowners is turning on their water systems, then blowing them out in the fall. Denver True Value stocks sprinkler, connectors, value solenoids, plastic pipe, drip systems and accessories. We also carry sprinkler head flags.

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When a sprinkler system is turned on and water does not come out; it usually means a solenoid or water value problem. Denver True Value carries Toro, Rain Bird and other sprinkler valve brands. Our knowledgeable staff will walk you how to replace your broken water system value.

Heads & Nozzles

When the water system is installed sprinkler heads and nozzles sprays there water toward lawn, shrubs or garden areas. Denver True Values has a wide selection of sprinkler system heads and nozzles.

Pipe & Fittings

It is very common event in Denver when digging hole in a yard to cut the home’s sprinkler system and send up a geyser of water. Do not fret, Denver True Value has the irrigation system plastic pipe and fittings to fix the system like new.