General Shop Services

Come to Denver True Value for Key Making, Glass Cutting and Shop Services and Repairs

One thing you will notice about Denver True Value service department is it is immaculate. Our friendly staff makes keys, cuts glass and wood, threads pipe, repairs water hoses and offers a wide variety of screws, bolts and nuts, and nails. The Denver True Value shop department also does special projects. Need a mirror mounted in an antique frame or a very dear appliance fixed? Bring it in and we will let you know how much it will cost to fix it.

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Our Services

Material Cutting

Denver True Value helps homeowners who are working on a project but do not have a saw at home. Please bring in the pipe, piece of wood, or other material, and the shop service department will cut it to length. We thread pipe and cut hose and plastic pipe.

Key Making

The Denver True Value shop department offers key making services. We stock a wide variety of key makes, key chains and holders. Looking for a key holder that look like a rock? Stop by we got those in stock plus other unique key products.

Hose Repairs

Good quality water hoses will last for years, but their brass male and female connectors do not. There is no need to buy a new hose. Just bring in the hose and the Denver True Value service shop will replace the old connectors with new ones.