General Hardware

Denver True Value Has That Hard To Find Screw Or Nail You Need

Denver True Value has the screw, nail and other hardware you need for that weekend project. We sell screws and nails by bulk. We have deep inventory of common and speciality hardware items. The hardware area is across from the Service Shop.

Our Services

Screws & Nails

Denver True Value has deep nail and screw inventory. The nails and screw are sold in bulk instead of pre-packaged. Customers can purchase the screws, bolt, nuts and nails that they need. If you need a special nail, bolt or screw, speak with the Denver True Value staff member, we do special orders all the time.

Chain & Rope

Denver True Value carries many types of rope and chain products. We cut rope or chain to requested length. We carry rope and chain for most load needs—light to heavy, decorative to heavy duty.

Pullys & Hooks

Got a heavy load to pick up? Denver True Value carries pulley systems and hooks to lift heavy loads. Be sure to stop by our rope and chain section to pick the rope with the right strength to do the job.