Plumbing Supplies

Use Only What You Need - Fix Dripping Faucets And Running Toilets

If you are handy with a wrench and screwdriver, homeowners would be surprised how much household plumbing they can do themselves. Got a dripping faucet or running toilet? Denver True Value has a wide selection of faucet washers and toilet flushing mechanisms. We carry many draining cleaning products that will unplug your drain chemically or mechanically. Many Denver homeowners maintain their lawn irrigation systems. We have the fittings needs to blow out your system in the fall or value solenoids and other sprinkler fittings to turn on the system in the spring. For more ambitious plumbing projects, we stock pipe fittings for sweating copper pipe and other plumbing supplies.

Our Services

Vintage Homes

In Central Denver, home builds range from 1890s to new. The array of plumbing fixtures and piping is wide and varied. Denver True Value can help homeowners with an under-the-sink rebuild project and find plumbing parts for older faucets, bath and kitchen fixtures, and gas appliances. Stop in, we are glad to help.

Dripping Faucets

Dripping faucets or running toilets are easy to fix if a homeowner is handy with a screwdriver and wrench. Denver True Value stocks parts for faucet and fixture valve rebuilds to stop drips. We offer several toilets flushing or valve mechanisms. Come on in, we are happy to assist customers with their plumbing projects.

Pipes & Fiitings

Denver True Value carries copper, PVC and galvanized steel pipe needed for residential plumbing projects plus all the accompanying pipe fittings and tools. Our service shop can cut pipe to length.