Organic Gardening Supplies

Need A Gardening Tip? Stop By Denver True Value For Quality Gardening Supplies And Advice

Denver’s clay soil has it challenges. Denver gardeners are trying alternative growing practices such as growing vegetables in pots during the summer. Denver True Value is your one-stop-shop for organic gardening. We stock potting soil, fertilizers and supplements to make your peppers, tomatoes, and other vegetables grow fast and produce. Vegetable pots can be automatically watered by adding a drip irrigation system to an lawn sprinkler system. Denver True Value has an extensive line of sprinkler parts and accessories.

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Organic Seeds

Avid gardeners starting thinking about what they going to plant in the late winter. Denver True Value offers top quality seed vegetable, and flower seed varieties, seed starter kits, grow lights, and irrigation systems. We also stock non-GMO vegetable seed varieties.

Soils & Compost

Denver True Value features Fox Farm potting soil and compost products. For do-it-yourselfers, homeowners can drop by the Denver True Value Garden Shop to learn how to compost and mix their own potting soils. Denver’s clay soil can be broken down by adding compost.


Organic growers take plant supplements seriously. So does Denver True Value. We stock a complete line of plant supplements for organic gardening, growing vegetables in pots and hydroponic plant growing. Our knowledgeable staff will help you pick the right supplement for your gardening efforts.