Heating & Cooling

Keep Homes Snug For The Winter By Winterizing Windows And Tuning Up Furnaces

There are two ways Denver True Value can help drive down your heating bill—window winterization and furnace filters. A great way to make your home more energy efficient in the winter is to seal drafty windows. Caulking the exterior of the window will stop cold air penetrating around your window into your home. We recommend 100 percent silicone sealants for this job. Weather stripping your windows and doors will also keep the cold air out. Denver True Value stocks a wide variety of window insulation kits. These kits consist of a large sheet of shrink-wrapped plastic that seals the entire window to keep the cold out.

Furnace filters should be replaced once per month during the winter. Furnaces run more efficiently with clean filters. Denver True Value carries filters that are compatible to most furnaces installed in Denver homes. Bring your filter to the store so we can help you find its replacement.

Our Services

Window Kits

There are so many ways to tighten up a home to reduce heating bills. One of the easiest is installing window kits on the interior windows of a home. 3M Indoor Window Insulator Kits keep out drafts and are easy to install. They come in variety of sizes.

Filters & Covers

Denver True Value carries many furnace filter brands, types and sizes for most furnaces found in the Denver area. While in the store, check out our evaporator covers to place on swamp coolers during the winter months. In the spring, come by Denver True Value for evaporator cooling pads, pumps, tubing, belts and supplies.


Denver True Value carries many types of window casements for easy window replacement. Those old basement windows should be the first to be replaced with double pane, energy efficient window casements.