Electrical Supplies

Denver True Value Is Your One-Stop-Shop For Weekend Electrical Projects

Need to replace an electrical outlet, fix a light fixture, or wire a new room in your house? Denver True Value stocks the electrical supplies to help Denver homeowners start and finish home projects. Older homes with fuse panels use stock glass Type T and cartridge fuses. It is always a good idea to have extra fuses ready just incase a fuse is blown. Denver True Value stocks a wide assortment fuses and circuit breakers plus lamp parts and incandescent, fluorescent lamps and LED bulbs.

Our Services

Lamp Repair

Good quality lamps can last for decades. Denver True Value has the lamp parts, threaded pipe, bulb sockets, wiring and plugs to get a lamp working again.

Electrical Parts

Denver True Values stocks the electrical switches, receptacles, boxes, wiring and tools to help a homeowner finish small or big electrical projects. The Denver True Value staff is there to answer electrical questions.

Light Bulbs

The U.S. lighting industry is coming out with new bulb technology. The latest, LED, is remarkably bright, its very energy efficient, and produces little heat. Denver True Value carries a full line of incandescent, fluorescent, and LED bulbs and lamps.